SEMICON Korea 2012 Event Calendar 



  Seminar Time Venue
Mon 2.6      
Technology IMEC Technology Forum(Invitation Only) 12:00-19:30 Chrysanthemum Room, Grand Intercontinental Hotel
Tue 2.7      
Keynote 1. Prof. Chenming Hu, UC Berkley University 11:00-11:40 #401, Conference Center(South)
2. Dr. Luc Van den Hove, imec 11:40-12:30
STS S1. Advanced Lithography 13:00-18:00 Hall E5
S2. Dielectrics, Metals, New Materials and their processes 13:00-17:00 Hall E6
S3. Device Technology 13:00-17:00 Hall E1,2
Business Market Seminar 13:00-15:20 Hall E3
Technology MI Forum 13:00-18:00 Hall E4
TechXPOT MEMS 10:30-12:30 Hall C
Printed Electronics 14:00-16:30
Standards STEP: GEM300/SECS 09:00-17:00 #327BC, Conference Center(South)
EHS Global GHG Regulatory & Technology Trend Seminar  14:00-17:00 #327A, Conference Center(South)
Wed 2.8      
STS S4. Etching Technology 13:00-16:40 Hall E5

S5. Contamination-free Manufacturing

and CMP Technology

13:00-17:00 Hall E6
S6. Electropackage System and Interconnect Product 13:00-18:00 Hall E1,2
Business Secondary Equipment Forum 13:00-16:20 Hall E3
TechXPOT Laser Technology  10:30-12:30 Hall C
ESD 14:00-16:00
Standards Korea GEM300 TF Meeting 09:00-12:00 #327A, Conference Center(South)
Korea I&CC Meeting 13:00-17:00
450mm SEMI Standards Workshop 14:00-17:00 #327BC,Conference Center(South)
Thu 2.9      
Technology Reliability Seminar 10:00-12:00 Hall E1
System LSI Forum 13:00-16:00 Hall E2
ESD Forum 13:00-17:00 Hall E3
User Experience FPD Seminar 14:00-16:30 Hall E7
TechXPOT Test 10:30-12:30 Hall C
Standards Korea Facilities Committee Meeting 14:00-17:00 SEMI Korea Office


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