The SEMITechnology Symposium (STS) 2015, which held in conjunction with SEMICON Korea2015 provides a dynamic spectrum of technology direction for semiconductormanufacturing in the next generation from a wide variety of aspects. The symposiumwill cover the latest technologies topics: Advanced Lithography, Interconnection& Advanced Process, Device, Plasma Science and Etching, Contamination-freeManufacturing and CMP Technology, Electropackage System andInterconnect Product, and Advanced Metrology and Inspection.


Every year, STSfocuses specifically on suggesting semiconductor industry's future and recenttechnology trends. Your participation will enhance the value of STS and providewith valuable contents to semiconductor industry people.


SEMI welcomes industry inputand suggestions from potential speakers. SEMI is soliciting technical papersrelated to any of the following topics; 

S1. Advanced Lithography

- Resist Processes andMaterials

- Photomask Processes andMaterials

- Lithography Simulation(Wafer/Mask Processes), OPC and Designfor Manufacturing

- Multiple Exposure andDouble Patterning Techniques

- Advanced MetrologyTechnology for Wafer and Mask

- Extreme UltravioletLithography- Directed Self Assembly

- Alternative Lithography(Nano-Imprint and others)

- Application ofLithography to Nanotechnology


S2. Advanced Process Technology: Dielectrics, Metals, and Other Materials


- Advanced GapfillTechnology

- Interconnection (Cu, Al, W Barrier Metal, Gate Electrode,Salicidation, Optical Interconnection)

- Dielectric (high k, lowk, Gate Dielectric, Ferroelectric, Passivation)

- Doping & Heat Treatment Process (I2p, Plasma Doping, GILD, SADS, RTP,Furnace, Damage Control)

- Epitaxial Growth(Blanket, Selective, Device Integration)

- SOI Materials &Processes (Wafer Manufacturing, Device Manufacturing)

- Materials and Process for Non Volatile MemoryDevices (PCRAM, STT-RAM, ReRAM, PoRAM, etc)

- Nano Process Technology(Quantum Dot/Nanowire/Layer Formation)

- 2D Materials (Graphene,Sulfide, and etc.)


S3. Device Technology


- SoCTechnology

- Advanced CMOSTechnology

- AdvancedMemory Technology

- SOI Devices

- RF Devices

- Nano-scaleDevices

- Thin FilmDevices

- InterconnectionTechnology

- AdvancedJunction/Doping Technology

- Process/Device/InterconnectionModeling

- Device/InterconnectionReliability

- OrganicDevices (OLED/Organic TFT)

- Advanced Display Device Technology


S4. Plasma Science and Etching Technology


- Atomic Layer Etching(ALE)and Low Damage Etching(LDE)

- Etch Process related toFEOL and BEOL

- HARC & HART EtchTechnology

- Organic Material Etchingfor DSA, DPT, etc.

- New & Novel MaterialEtch (MRAM, New Mask, New Material, ReRAM, etc.)

- New Plasma Source and NewUnit Technologies (Pulsing, Fast MFC, Low-temp Chiller, TMP, etc.)

- Plasma & ProcessDiagnostics, Sensors, and Control

- Tool to Tool Matching(TTTM) Technologies

- Simulation and Modelingfor Plasma Source and Process


S5. Contamination-Free Manufacturing and CMP Technology


- Advanced Wet/Dry SurfacePreparation in FEOL/BEOL

- Micro-,Nano-contamination Control

- Damage/Loss Free NanoParticle Removal

- Yield EnhancementTechnology

- Environmentally BenignManufacturing/PFC Emission Reduction

- Advanced Wet/ DryCleaning for 3D Structure and New Materials

- Advances in CMP, RelatedProcesses and Equipment

- CMP Consumables andMetrology- ScratchReduction/Mechanism

- CMP Modeling andSimulation- Post CMP Cleaning


S6. Electropackage System and Interconnect Product


- Trend in Wearable Devices

- Flexible Device, Battery, Display Technology

- Low Power IC Design

- Ultra Small Form-factor Packaging

- Packaging for Sensors

- Substrate Technology for Flexible Integration

- Housing and Bands

- Thermal Managements

- Reliability in Flexible Interconnects

S7. Advanced Metrology and Inspection


- Critical Dimension Metrologies

- Process Control and Characterization

- Defect Detection, Analysis and Control

- Measurement System Modeling and Simulation

- Overlay Related Metrologies

- Mask Related Metrologies 

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    Due date for submission was September 30, 2014. You will be notified status of your submission by October 31, 2014.


    - Submit a 500 word abstracts and a 100 word biography

    - Accuracy in Title and Description: The quality of the description of your paper matters. It’d be hard to make it through the review process if your paper is focusing on promotion of your company. Focusing on technology is recommended.

    Important Dates

    Abstracts Due

    September 30

    Author Notification

    October 31

    Speaker Letter of Agreement Due

    November 14

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    December 19


    Depending on the session, February 4 or 5


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