SEMICON Korea  - SEMI Technology Symposium(STS)




SEMI Technology Symposium will provide the latest global trend and new technologies, expanding the understanding of all the stage of semiconductor manufacturing technology. The session consists like below.


S1. Advanced Lithography


S2. Interconnection & Advanced Process Technology
S3. Device Technology



S4. Plasma Science and Etching Technology
 2/13(Thu)   S5. Contamination-free Manufacturing and CMP Technology
S6. Electropackage System and Interconnect Product





Welcome Message from the Program Chairman

SEMICON Korea STS (SEMI Technology Symposium) 2014



On behalf of SEMI and STS Committee, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all participants, guests and speakers of SEMICON Korea STS (SEMI Technology Symposium) 2014.


In 2013, uncertainty of internal and external environments still continues due to the unstable world economy. However, despite these harsh environments, thanks to relentless joint efforts from Korean semiconductor industries have achieved relatively good results and have maintained the best status as Korea’s leading export industries. This is very meaningful as all the achievement we had is from IT industry consolidation partly due to rapid growth in mobile application and PC market slowdown, and fierce technology competition. However, according to world-wide market research organization and institutes, they forecast that the market and technology competition will become more intense, and warn the change to “preemptive competition” as who’s the first to preempt global competitiveness.

In 27th SEMICON Korea programs, we prepared Executive Forum which sheds light on the subject of semiconductor material technology: The theme is “A Decade of Material; Advanced Materials for Next Generation Device”. And, it will deliver widely acknowledged researches covering next generation technology trends in six areas; Lithography, Interconnection, Device, Etch, Contamination-free Manufacturing and CMP, Package in STS. This year, I am very certain that all participants will also have very useful and meaningful values via STS.


Therefore, I look forward to your continuing support and participation for STS as milestone of semiconductor technology to act as a pivotal role in suggesting most current semiconductor technology trends in the semiconductor industries where opportunities and crisis always coexist.


Lastly, I truly appreciate the contribution of all participants, speakers, and sincerely thank members of committee and staffs of SEMI for your devotion in making this meaningful event successful for this year.


Thank you.


Seok-Hee Lee, Ph.D

Program Chairman of SEMICON Korea STS 2014

Senior VP, SK hynix Inc.