Feb 4 (Wed)

  S1. Advanced Lithography

  S2. Advanced Process Technology: Dielectrics, Metals and other Materials       

  S3. Device Technology
Feb 5 (Thu)   S4. Plasma Science and Etching Technology
  S5. Contamination-free Manufacturing and CMP Technology
  S6. Electropackage System and Interconnect Product
  S7. Advanced Metrology and Inspection





Welcome Message from the Program Chairman


Welcome Message from the Program Chairman




I would like to extend thanks to all the participants in the semiconductor industry and the invited speakers to the 28th SEMICON Korea SEMI Technology Symposium 2015. As this year, 2014 named as “Return of the king- semiconductor” in the IT industry, the semiconductor industry has been leading the growth of Korea’s economy and also keeping top of export trade.

In addition, the semiconductor demand is expanding from PC and mobile application to wearable device and IoT(Internet of Things). However, it is difficult to develop next-generation technology for sustainable growth as the technical challenges is getting higher. To overcome this restriction, new paradigm such as three-dimensional technology must be developed certainly.



For the successful leadership in rapidly changing environment, the competence by oneself is not sufficient to solve the problem. Sustainable growth can be achieved by obtaining the best technical skills and competitiveness through the collaboration of device makers, equipment and materials company. 


The 28th SEMICON Korea STS will provide the interactive information and in-depth discussion to the professional in the semiconductor industry. It includes all the area of semiconductor manufacturing with these sessions- Keynote, Lithography, Interconnection, Device, Plasma Science and Etching, Contamination-free Manufacturing and CMP, Electropackage System and MI technology. 


Finally, I sincerely appreciate the contributions of all of the Committee Members, the executives and staffs of SEMI for their special effort to make this event a success. We ask you to the generous support for development of semiconductor industry continuously. 


 Program Chairman of SEMICON Korea STS 2015

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

EVP & General Manager, Semiconductor R&D Center, ES Jung  Ph.D.