S6. Electropackage System and Interconnect Product

3D Package 

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time: 13:00-17:10

Room: Hall E1, 2, 3rd Fl., COEX

Language: English and Korean

Simultaneous interpretation will NOT be provided.


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Semiconductor industries have faced unprecedented changes for last several years. Mainly, those changes have come from the advent of mobile computing era. Mobile computing has changed our lives and semiconductor industries dramatically. One of the major changes that we should notice is the paradigm shift in packaging technology area. While Silicon technology had been a key technology in Personal computing era for last 10 years, Packaging technology will be a core technology in Mobile computing era for incoming 10 years.

In mobile computing environments, High-performance with low power consumption, Small form factor, and diversified market demands are major trends. Also, these trends introduce many emerging technologies into packaging area.

Therefore, a S6 session in STS will help semiconductor engineers to experience novel and innovative packaging technologies. Also, the intensive discussions in our session will suggest good milestones onto the future technology developments. In 2012, S6 committee will conduct a panel discussion for the first time. 4 distinguished industry leaders will share their prospects on mobile packaging technology evolutions with you.

(S6 Session Chair, Sayoon Kang, Ph.D.)

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Sayoon Kang(Samsung Electronics)

Gu Sung Kim(Kangnam University)

WS Shin(ASE)

Min Suk Suh(Hynix Semiconductor)

Seh Kwang Lee(Ehwa Diamond) 

Choon Heung Lee(Amkor Technology Korea)

Soon Jin Cho(Samsung Electro-Mechanics)

Young-Chang Joo(Seoul National University)

Taejoo Hwang(Samsung Electronics)



13:00-13:30             Packaging Solutions for 3D TSS (through silicon staking) for Mobile Devices; Gaps and Challenges for the Robust Package for the Mass Production

                                    Dr. Dong Wook Kim, Qualcomm (Invited)


13:30-13:55            Mechanical Reliabilities of Sn-Based Boding Materials for 3D Integration              

                                   Prof. Hoo Jeong Lee, SungKyunKwan University (Invited)


13:55-14:05            Break


14:05-14:30            Challenge of Package Materials for Mobile Products

                                   Dr. Taesung Yoon, Samsung Electronics


14:30-14:55             TSV 2.5D and 3D Packaging:An Update 

                                    Dr. Glenn Rinne, Amkor Technology Korea


14:55-15:20            Process Simplification for Advanced 3D Device Packaging and Introduction to                                    No-Flux Manufacturing

                                   Dr. Jian Zhang, SEMIgear


15:20-15:45            Package and technology Solution for Mobile 3D Application

                                   Dr. Changsuk Han, ASE


15:45-16:00            Break


Panel Discussion: 3D Packaging’s Role and Issues in Mobile Era (Moderator: Dr. Sayoon Kang, Samsung Electronics)


16:00-16:10            Emerging Packaging Technology for Mobile Set

                                   Dr. Taejoo Hwang, Samsung Electronics


16:10-16:20            Business Model and its Risk for Mobile Wide IO

                                   Jaesung oh, Hynix Semiconductor


16:20-16:30            PCB’s Role and Technology in Mobile Package

                                   Dr. Soon Jin Cho, Samsung Electro-Mechanics 


16:30-16:40             The Production Readiness Requirements for TSS (through silicon stacking) Technology

                                   Dr. Dong Wook Kim, Qualcomm


16:40-17:10            Discussion



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*The agenda will be subject to change without notice.