I&C Technical Committee Korea Chapter Meeting


Date: Thursday, February 13, 2014

Time: 10:00-12:00

Room: #305, Conference Room (South), COEX





1.0  Welcome / Call to Order

1.1  Introductions

1.2  Meeting Reminders (Membership Requirement, Antitrust and Intellectual Property

Reminders, Effective Meeting Guidelines)

1.3  Agenda Review


2.0  Review and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes


3.0  Liaison Report

3.1  Japan I&C Committee

3.2  North America I&C Committee

3.3  Taiwan I&C Committee

3.4  Europe Equipment Automation Committee


4.0  Staff Report


5.0  Ballot Review

5.1  Ballot 5320C (Line Item Revision to SEMI E116-0707E, Specification for Equipment

Performance Tracking and SEMI E116.1-0707 Specification for SECS-Ⅱ Protocol for

Equipment Performance Tracking (EPT): Adding New Attributes to EPTTRACKER Object)


6.0  Subcommittee & Task Force Reports

6.1  GEM300 TF

6.2  DDA TF


7.0  Old Business


8.0  New Business  

8.1  New Activity Introduction if any


9.0  Action Item Review

9.1  Open Action Items

9.2  New Action Items


10.0  Next Meeting and Adjournment