FPD Metrology Technical Committee Korea Chapter Meeting


Date: Friday, February 14, 2014

Time: 14:00-16:00

Room: SEMI Korea Office

Languege: English and Korean

(Simultaneous interpretation will NOT be provided)





1.0  Welcome / Call to Order

1.1  Introductions

1.2  Meeting Reminders (Membership Requirement, Antitrust and Intellectual Property Reminders, Effective Meeting Guidelines)

1.3  Agenda Review


2.0  Review and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes


3.0  Liaison Report

3.1  Japan FPD Metrology Committee

3.2  Taiwan FPD Committee


4.0  Staff Report


5.0  Ballot Review

5.1  5633 (New Standard, Test Method for Viewing Angle Characteristic using Mixed Color on Visual Displays)

5.2  5634 (New Standard, Test Method for Color Reproduction and Perceptual Contrast of Visual Display)


6.0  Subcommittee & Task Force Reports

6.1    Perceptual Viewing Angle TF

6.2    Perceptual Image Quality TF

6.3    Tone and Color TF

6.4    Transparent Display TF


7.0  Old Business


8.0  New Business

9.0  Action Item Review

9.1  Open Action Items

9.2  New Action Items


10.0  Next Meeting and Adjournment