Jong Chul Park

Samsung Electronics

Jong Chul Park, Ph.D. has been Master director position at Samsung elec. for 18 years with responsibility of the process development of DRAM, New memory(MRAM, PRAM) and Logic chip.
Jong Chul Park received a MS degree in electro-electrical engineering field from Kyungbuk national university, Teagu-si, Kyungsangbuk-do, south Korea and DS and Ph.D degree in electro-electrical engineering field from POSTECH university, Pohang-si, Kyungsangbuk-do. Jong Chul Park has studied the dry etching equipment and processes technology since at the university and he got the Ph.D degree at plasma sources and etching process. Jong Chul Park also got the 1st Master position of dry etching in Samsung Electronics.


You can hear his presentation at Plasma&Etching Tutorial

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