Lu Yu

Applications and Marketing Manager

Lu Yu, Dr. Eng., has been Applications and Marketing Manager at KLA-Tencor for 14 years covering applications and product market development for various electrical and optical metrology products. His primary focus is on novel metrologies for film stack electrical property characterization and implant/doping process monitor.
Prior to joining KLA-Tencor, Dr. Yu was senior process engineer for SUMCO. During his 2 years at SUMCO, Dr. Yu’s worked on Cz crystal growth and Si wafer manufacturing.
Dr. Yu received a Dr. Eng. degree in Chemical Engineering from Cleveland State University in Cleveland Ohio, U.S.A. and a MS degree in Materials Science from the Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an China. Dr. Yu has over 20 publications and patents in fields of semiconductor metrology and manufacturing.


You can hear his presentation at Mi Forum

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