Moshe Preil

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Moshe Preil is a senior Product marketing manager at KLA-Tencor, responsible for defining and developing new EUV reticle inspection technologies. He has been actively engaged in EUV lithography for close to 10 years, including important research on the role of stochastic variation in defect printability and CD variation. Dr. Preil has over 30 years of experience in both the fab and supplier sides of the industry working in various lithography, process control and yield management positions.
In his previous positions he was actively involved in various emerging lithography technologies, including directed self-assembly (DSA) and e-beam lithography, as well as directing engagements with universities and research consortia on long horizon projects. He has also spent many years developing metrology tools and process control methodologies. In his early career at AMD he was involved in the initial development of deep-UV technology and was a member of the early 193 nm steering committee at Sematech.
Dr. Preil earned his PhD in physics from the University of Pennsylvania working on optical and electron spectroscopies of novel graphite based compounds. Dr. Preil is a Fellow of SPIE and a Senior Editor of the SPIE peer reviewed Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS and MOEMS (JM3). He has published numerous journal papers and has been issued 21 United States patents.


You can hear his presentation at Mi Forum

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