Media Partners

Media Partners

Baek Meter Co., Ltd. is the publisher to issue <Monthly Mechanical Automation Technology> which boasts the largest size of circulation of the machine and automation field in Asia, <Monthly Mechanical Engineering> with the largest subscribers of the machine technology field in Korea, and the mechanical newspaper. <Monthly Mechanical Engineering> provides domestic and overseas industrial technology information on manufacture about industrial machine and machine tools including precision processing, automatic control, mechatronics, robots, hydraulic pneumatic machines, and CAD/CAM. <Monthly Mechanical Automation Technology> introduces successful cases to apply automation including processing mechanism and the characteristics with provision of the overall data related to factory automation facilities and automation equipment. And it provides all kinds of statistical data, economic policies, technical papers, and technical trends of the government, the relevant organizations and the relevant research centers, introduces promising companies and research centers (development of new technologies and the cases to be successful in localization) by selecting them, and focuses on finding hidden master craftsmen and people on the spot who are engaged in the machine industry. Baek Meter Co., Ltd. tries to make a contribution to innovation of basic industries through technical communication and popularization of information and at the same time, integrate new technologies with industrial sites and improve productivity by providing the exchanging place for industry people. 

Visit www.mtnews.net

Control instrumentation consists of a new paradigm leading to a timely theme and planning the next generation of media technology based on the user's advice and requirements in the field between plays in production year. Introduction of new products as well as domestic and are committed to introduce foreign technology information, major edits plant control metrology systems, instrumentation , flowmeters, rebelgye, industrial computers and industrial software, sensors and switches, control valves, actuators, environmental instrumentation and systems that lead up to the advertising effectiveness based on the reliability of the readers automatically control instrumentation/systems is the best magazine. 

Visit www.autocontrol5.co.kr

Monthly Motion Control is the only professional magazine for motion control and engineering of manufacturing equipment and system building in domestic motion industry. The magazine not only operates automation and manufacturing equipment independently but also supplies vivid technical information of each automation equipment. Monthly Motion Control will be with you promoting domestic market information/overseas advanced technique and presenting its direction for high precision/high functional motion control and engineering. Monthly Motion Control presents and analyzes direction of developing goods and marketing ways, furthermore, meets the customer needs and supply various information. We help field engineers providing movements of related industry/marketing strategy, new products that makes easy to grasp of industry and product trends.

Visit www.motioncontrol.co.kr

Published monthly, AEI presents the latest technologies employed in the development of new components, modules, materials, and devices that drive the evolution of electronics, lighting and new energy, automotive, and medical and healthcare industries. It features the latest and next-generation products, process, and solutions in the semiconductor, manufacturing equipment, and test and measuring sectors that support the progress of such industries. AEI’s niche lies on the presentation of technical stories with detailed discussions on processes that drive new functions of future devices. 

Visit www.aei.dempa.net

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