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MI Strategies for 1+3

  • 날짜: 2017년 2월 9일 목요일
  • 시간: 오전 10시 - 오후 5시 10분
  • 장소: 코엑스 3층 컨퍼런스룸(남) 300호
  • 언어: 영어/ 한국어 (동시통역은 제공되지 않음)


  SEMI 회원사 비회원사 학생
사전등록(2/1까지) 120,000 원 150,000 원 60,000 원
현장등록 150,000 원 180,000 원 80,000 원


We are heading to 1-digit Design Rule for semiconductor industry and it is expected that there are a lot of difficulties we are going to meet in near future. And there has been another approach for developing semiconductor device, which is 3D types of device. In fact, in MI forum, both topics were touched already. However, these hot topics should be revisited for better understanding and MI preparation for both. We believe these two topics are worthy of attention again in 2017 at MI forum. This year, MI forum’s catchphrase is “MI strategies for 1+3” and in here 1 means 1 digit (below 10nm) and 3 does 3D structure. This forum is remarkable one which is only one in all SEMICON shows with 9-years history. We hope you can find needs and solutions of MI for 1+3 with excellent speakers who are invited from the worldwide.

Byoung-Ho Lee, Ph. D. (Research Fellow, SK hynix)




Chang Woo Kim (KLA-Tencor Korea)
Harris Kim (Rudolph Technologies Korea)
SuYong Park (Semilab Korea)
Youngjoon Park (Nanometrics Korea)
Chris Park (Nextin) 
Byoung-Ho Lee (SK hynix)
Suk Woo Martin Lee (Applied Materials Korea)   
Hyung-Yup Lee (Thermo-Fisher MSD Korea)



Session 1: Sub 10nm  
10:00-10:40 Defect Inspection for Advanced Process Nodes
  Kale Beckwitt, Intel (invited)
10:40-11:10 Using New Optical Metrology for Inline Electrical Characterization of Advanced Logic Devices
  Andrei V. Shchegrov, KLA-Tencor
11:10-11:40 Exploring Multi-patterning Metrology Challenges
  Shimon Levi, Applied Materials
11:40-12:10 Recent Advances in Electrical and Optical Characterization Techniques for Advanced Process Control
  Nicolas Laurent, SEMILAB
12:10-13:30 Lunch (Lunch Box will be served)
  Sponsored by Applied Materials
Session 2: 3D  
13:30-14:10 Characterization and Metrology from FinFETS & Interconnect to Beyond CMOS Materials
  Prof. Alain C. Diebold, SUNY Polytechnic Institute 
  (연사의 개인적 사정으로 녹화된 영상으로 대체합니다)
14:10-14:50 In-line Metrology and Defectivity for 3D-SOC Hybrid Bonding and TSV Middle Formation
  Maarten Liebens, imec (invited)
14:50-15:20 Process Coverage Challenges and Opportunities in Optical CD (OCD) Metrology
  Yudong Hao, Nanometrics
15:20-15:40 Break
15:40-16:10 Litho CD Metrology for Advanced Multi-Patterning Nodes: A New Optical Solution
  Andrei V. Shchegrov, KLA-Tencor
16:10-16:40 Automated Workflow for Process Control and Defect Analysis
  Ozan Ugurlu, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Legacy FEI)
16:40-17:10 In-line Metrology for 3D Structure of Semiconductor Devices
  Byoung-Ho Lee, SK hynix



*상기 일정은 사전 안내 없이 변경될 수 있습니다.

*발표 자료는 당일 컨퍼런스 종료 후 사이트를 통해 배포됩니다 (연사가 동의하지 않는 경우는 배포되지 않음). 



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