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Advanced Metrology Group Leader

Philippe Leray joined imec in 2001 and has been advanced metrology group leader in imec since 2013. This group is composed of 30 engineers and is in charge of FAB metrology and inspection development for imec advanced nodes (iN7, iN5, iN3). He is also the technical owner of supplier hub with metrology companies (ASML, KLA, HHT, NOVA). During the 12 first years in imec, Dr Leray has been responsible of evaluation of overlay emerging techniques (DBO and multi-layer target). He developed scatterometry models for IMEC processes (Fins, Gate and BEOL after CMP). He studied immersion defectivity issues when first immersion hoods was implemented. He contributed to more than 60 publications in SPIE for metrology session.
Prior to joining imec, Dr Leray spent 4 years in plasma characterization in JRC-Ispra (Italy)
Philippe Leray obtained his PhD in 1997 at university Paris XI (France) studying the fundamentals of a plasma thruster for space applications.


본 연사의 발표는 S1. Advanced Lithography(STS)MI  포럼에서 볼 수 있습니다.

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