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High Fidelity Pattern Transfer with EUV Mask

4:30 pm - 4:50 pm

With the device scaling to increase bit cost the 193-immersion lithography is seeing an end of scalability due to the shrinking critical dimensions that needs to be patterned. EUV Lithography comes as a very precise patterning solution to meet the needs of scaling. However, there are significant challenges in working with EUV Photo Resist material. Primarily EUV Photo Resist are thin and fragile which leads to low selectivity and marginal pattern transfer performance. The shot noise effect during dosing leads to Line Edge Roughness (LER) in EUV PR and transferred layers.

To address the challenges of EUV etch the process requires a unique capability of mask repair while transferring the pattern to the underlying films. In this talk I will elaborate how to overcome some basis challenges of patterning using EUV mask and the criticality of process space to enable high fidelity pattern transfer. Fundamental mechanism of etch and how that understanding give us an edge for EUV patterning will be discussed.



Joydeep Guha

Head of Product Management and Marketing- Conductor Etch, Applied Materials

Joydeep Guha, Ph.D. has been at Applied Materials for 3 years with the responsibility of Product Management and Marketing for the Etch Business Unit. In this role Dr. Guha with his team manages all of conductor etch products, its roadmap and marketing efforts. 

Prior to joining Applied Materials, Dr. Guha was Director of Engineering for Lam Research Corporation. During his 8.5yrs years at Lam research Corporation, Dr. Guha spent time doing Process and Product Development in etch.

Dr. Guha received a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering and Plasma Physics under the guidance of Dr. Vincent M. Donnelly from University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA. His Ph. D thesis focus was to study plasma surface interactions in low pressure ionized gases. Dr. Guha won the “Coburn and Winter” award in Plasma Science Division at the 54th AVS symposium in Seattle, USA.