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Semiconductor Technology for the Future ICT World

10:10 am - 10:40 pm

More than ever, the development of new ICT technologies is enabling smart world. Reflection of such trend implies that the development of low power memory will be required in domains of portable IoT (Mobile, AR/VR, Autonomous, etc.), and the development of higher capacity/performance memory will be required in domains with explosive data growth and AI service needs. Also, in line with changes in ICT environment, customer spec on memory devices is expected to become more tight and diverse.

Against this backdrop, to meet ICT market and customer needs, SK hynix plans to continue to innovate next-generation emerging memory products along with commodity DRAM and NAND Flash products.

In this speech, SK hynix’s efforts on overcoming current technical challenges through close collaboration with our business partners to enable lower power/higher capacity/higher speed memory will be discussed. Also, SK hynix’s plan to expand the scope of memory development to new memory solutions such as emerging persistent memory and in-memory computing device will be discussed.  


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Jinkook Kim

Head of R&D, Executive Vice President, SK hynix

EVP Jinkook Kim has joined SK hynix since 1986 after graduation of E.E. at Yonsei University, South Korea. For 33 years, he has been contributing a lot in the development of the semiconductor memory technology and publishing many patents/papers related to the key technologies. To honor his contributions, South Korea Prime Ministry awarded him a prize for “Development of Science and Technology” at 2008. Currently he is in charge of R&D at SK hynix to be the best-in-class level.

He has successfully developed DRAM technologies from 4Mb to 64Mb/256Mb/2Gb/8Gb/16Gb density and led the world’s first development of “2x nm DRAM with Dual Buried Gate” and “High Band-width Memory (HBM) with Through Silicon Via (TSV)” technology. Recently he also developed the major technologies including Peri-Under-Cell (PUC), W-full fill, and Double Stack process for the world’s first 4D NAND device. In addition, to reinforce the future technological leadership of SK hynix in 4th industrial revolution, he is leading the revolutionary future memory technologies such as an emerging devices for SCM (Storage Class Memory), new platform based DRAM/NAND, and fundamental researches for neuromorphic device.