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MI (Metrology and Inspection) Forum

Beyond MI

As device technology shrinks to sub-10 nm and moves to 3D architecture, we are facing a lot of challenges in process integration and strong concerns on device reliability monitoring. We believe the role of Metrology & Inspection will be more critical than ever.

In MI Forum 2021, 3 main topics, Alternative MI, Novel Method, and Reliability will be discussed with 9 distinguished speakers. We hope you can get better understanding on MI challenges with solutions and build the strong network with industry leaders in this forum.


  • Event Format: On-demand
  • Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation will NOT be provided)
  • Presentation Time: 2~30 minutes for each presentation



  • MinChul Kang (Onto Innovation)
  • Christopher H. Kang (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • Chang Woo Kim (KLA)
  • TK Kim (Semilab)
  • Munhong Ro (DB HiTek)
  • Byong Chon Park (KRISS)
  • Yong Jun Park (Samsung Display)
  • Yudong Soe (Onto Innovation)
  • Youn Tae Ahn (LUKEN Technology)
  • Hyungwon Yoo (Hitachi High-Technologies)
  • DaeHa Lee (AMETEK Korea)
  • Dongchun Lee (NvisANA)
  • Myungjun Lee (Samsung Electronics)
  • Byoung-Ho Lee (SK hynix)
  • Suk Woo Martin Lee (Applied Materials)
  • Kyle Lee (ASML)
  • Dongchul Ihm (Samsung Electronics)
  • Hyunjin Chang (Auros Technology)
  • Jason Jeong (Nextin)
  • Sang Hyun Han (NOVA)



[Keynote 1] Augmenting Design & Metrology Reliability through the Application of Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Circuit Prototyping Prior to a Photomask Modification (invited)

Kyle Winter


[Keynote 2] Current Metrology Challenges, Needs, and Potential Solutions for the Next Generation of Semiconductor Devices

Myungjun Lee

Samsung Electronics

[Alternative MI] Measurement of Fine Patterns by Utilizing Machine Learning in Semiconductor Industry

Yoonshik Kang

SK hynix

[Alternative MI] E-Beam Metrology, Inspection and Deep Learning

Yu Cao

Hermes Microvision, Inc., an ASML company

[Novel Method] Metrology Based Inspection(MBI): Merged Metrology and Inspection for Advanced Process Control

Jeong-Ho Yeo

Applied Materials

[Novel Method] Patterned Wafer Geometry Technology for Wafer Shape Control

Sungjun Byun


[Reliability] An Effective Approach to Monitor Potential Reliability Failure in the Advanced Devices

Sang Hyun Han


[Reliability] Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy for Semiconductor Metrology in 2021

Sang-Joon Cho

Park Systems

* The agenda will be subject to change without notice.