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New Cosmos Electric Focuses on Expanding Gas Detectors

[News Report by Kang Dong-su] Japan Shin Cosmos Electric focuses on expanding sales of portable gas detectors in accordance with guidelines set by the government regarding hazardous areas in plants using combustible gases. Carrying a gas detector makes it possible to use non-explosion-proof devices such as smartphones in some explosion-proof areas.

In explosion-proof areas using flammable gas, non-explosion-proof devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs have been banned until now. In explosion-proof areas, expensive equipment with explosion-proof functions had to be used.

Meanwhile, as the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) is in progress, there is a demand for improving the safety of plants using sensors and electronic devices and rationalizing safety tasks.
In April of this year, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry established Guidelines on how to establish hazardous areas in the plant. The guidelines for the precise setting of dangerous zones are summarized without lowering the safety level for expanding the range of applications of electronic devices.

As a result, it is possible to use non-explosive devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs by carrying a portable gas detector in a “non-hazardous place” where it is predictable that there is no explosive gas risk.

Shin Cosmos Electric has a lineup of flammable gas detectors to suit the application. As the guideline is set, we are focusing on expanding the sales of portable gas detectors and aiming to sell 2,000 flammable gas detectors this year.
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